Do your patients show up?

In today’s fast-paced society, having patients arrive for their first visit is crucial to the success of your entire team. With all of the distractions that the internet provides, building a strong connection during the first call is absolutely critical. As your trusted advisor, the Client Experience team will teach your staff to build an ongoing connection with each and every person that contacts your practice, raising your first-time arrival rate and connecting your new clients with your practice in a way that builds trust and confidence that their choice was the correct one.

Do your patients pay?

Once your patient arrives, the next important step is to collect any required payments, based on how your practice is organized. This step becomes far easier if your Front Desk has properly set the expectations and communicated every step of the first visit to the patient. Our team will help your team understand the concepts of setting expectations for every step of your patient’s lifecycle within your practice, assuring your clinicians of a higher chance of success during the Plan of Care

Do your patients stay?

The “Completed Plan of Care” is the gold standard metric to determine the overall success of your practice. Patients that fully complete their plans of care are patients that have fully bought into the individual philosophy of your practice and have been satisfied with the results that they were expecting…and those expectations were set early and reinforced by your entire team. Your clinicians will enjoy an atmosphere of greater connection with your patients, because your Client Experience program facilitates the flow of crucial information about what your patient’s goals, expectations and fears are, throughout their entire plan of care.

Do you patients do your marketing for you?

Once you have built a strong connection with your patient and followed that up with a consistent, communicative plan of care, your patient will want to tell others about the superior experience that they have just received. Our team will teach you proven practices to encourage and assist your client base to spread the good news about your practice.

If you answered no to any

of the questions above,

we can help.


1. Complete the Client Experience Checklist.

This will let us get to know you.


2. Learn Where Your Practice Is Today.

Where you are today helps shape how we get to where you want to go.

3. Create a plan for your future.

Based on your goals, we develop a customized plan for your practice.

4. Have more money in the bank.

After you implement your customized plan, you’ll have more money and less headaches.

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