What’s Best for the Patient Is Best for the Business

The hard truth for many of your practices is that you’ve become lazy because the top of your funnel is packed. You’re so focused on billing insurance because of how our payor model is set up, and have enough new patients calling your phone that you’ve lost sight of the patients who are seeping out of your practice.

Initially, you set out to be a superhero and change lives, but you’ve neglected the business principles that actually create long-term success for your practice. And more importantly, you’ve neglected the business principles that lead to patient success. 

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know that what’s best for the patient is best for your business. And quality business principles always tell us that a focus on patients must come first.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways physio practices fail to focus on patients to gain a better understanding of how to correct these errors and create real success for your practice.

Focusing on the Top of Your Funnel Is Short-Sighted

Having plenty of patients at the top of your funnel does not indicate success for your practice. Yes, you’ll get to bill insurance for their first visit, but if no effort is being put toward retention and referrals, your practice is doomed to fail. 

I see so many physio practices with high churn and drop-off rates, yet they continue to rely on new leads instead of focusing on the business principles that get patients to arrive, pay, stay, and do their future marketing for them. 

When the first question they ask a new patient revolves around insurance, the focus is clearly on trying to meet a business objective instead of putting the patient’s objectives first. And as you should know by now, what’s best for the business is not always what’s best for the patient.

Just Focusing on a Patients Problems Isn’t Enough to Keep Them Coming Back

I see many people function under the “If I build it they will come” mindset.” They think if they’re good enough at fixing people’s problems, their practice will have success. Though the intention may be good, they are still missing the element of engagement when it comes to their patients. 

Simply working on a patient’s illness isn’t enough to keep them at your practice. Patients need to feel like a real person instead of just a project for your practice to fix. They need to feel engaged.

This is all due to a lack of understanding and limited education on solid business principles. Some believe business doesn’t fit into a physio practice,  but by holding this belief, you’re actually hindering your ability to implement business practices that put patients first and create lasting success.

The Solution: Use Completed Plans of Care As Your #1 Business Metric

The only way a business can grow and be successful is to have a business metric of success. This is where the ultimate goal of completed plans of care comes in. Completed plans of care is a patient-first business metric that matters more than anything else when it comes to practice success.

It’s not enough to say you’re “Patient-Driven,” you need to be able to show it. But in order to show it, you need to map out your patient life-cycle and understand what needs to be done at all stages to reach the goal of completed plans of care. 

It’s about looking at the big picture and understanding the ecosystem of your practice as I’ve previously outlined in detail.

It’s about having each individual member your practice aligned with the 1 goal of completed plans of care instead of separate goals for different teams.

It’s about understanding the strategic role your front desk plays in the patient experience and business success.

When you understand who you serve, how you serve them, and map out every aspect of the patient experience, it becomes clear how completed plans of care is the key metric for the long-term success of your practice.

Find Practice Success by Putting Patients First

At the end of the day, completed plans of care mean patients are winning which leads to your business winning. 

Quit focusing on the top of your funnel and take the time to implement the business principles that create success for patients.

Quit simply focusing on a patient’s problems and engage them in a way that keeps them coming back.

Rally everyone around the 1 goal of completed plans of care.

Doing so is the only way to ensure patient success and business growth for your practice.
Want more insight on how to accomplish this? Reach out today.

It’s time to stop worrying about negative reviews, a bad reputation, or a failing business.

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